Together For


Positive messages matter.

Yard Signs

Whether you’re from Seattle, Everett, or somewhere in between, we’re in this together! To show solidarity in our Seattle-area communities, we’ve made yard signs to show that we are Together for each other. Click here to find a pick-up location.

Notes for Neighbors

We’ve created pre-designed note cards for you to take to your neighbors offering help during this time. It’s a small way to be there for your neighbors and show them some love, even if from a distance. Click here to get a printable PDF version. Print as many as you need off, cut to the right size & add a personal message. If you want, attach a small gift, and take to your neighbors’ front doors.

Social Media

When you plant a sign in your yard, bring notes to your neighbors, deliver meals or do something else that brings hope to your community, share it! Take a photo, post it to social media and use #TogetherFor to bring some positivity to your friends while they’re scrolling.

Be Friendly

It’s a stressful time for retail workers, delivery drivers and medical professionals. A little kindness can go a long way. Retail Workers – Go out of your way to smile at them and be patient. Delivery Drivers – Consider placing a basket of individually wrapped treats or drinks near your door if they want a snack. Medical Professionals – Consider bringing them packaged meals. They are under a lot of stress right now.


Yard Signs

Note Cards

Social Media